“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Nutrition

Diet and nutrition is a very important part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) used to treat many conditions along with acupuncture, herbal treatment, massage (- tui na-) and body work (tai chi, qi-gong).
Food has a great potential to restore balance and heal many conditions. Used in a proper and knowledgeable way, it is a powerful tool in regaining healthy physiology again. It is more effective and lasting than other treatments because TCM does not focus merely on which foods are best and which to avoid, nor on calories, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins or minerals as contemporary nutritional science. It is a more complex approach where we focus on choosing healing foods for certain conditions: preparation and frequency of intake is important, as well as energy of foods. Certain foods that we consider healthy for one person will not be suitable in the case of another person. The key is in personalized diagnosis and differentiation and choosing which foods will be therapeutic in your current condition. TCM looks at food as a medicine, which not only heals but also prevents health problems.
Some conditions that can benefit from nutritional consultation: obesity, diabetes, digestive disorders, cardiovascular disease (including high blood pressure),fertility problems, cancer, anti-aging, , depression, infants diseases and many others.
I focus on proper food selection, preparation and menus, I also offer recipes. I guide my client through the whole process of changing diet and lifestyle. It is a complex therapeutic process where certain habits need to be looked into.
It is a practical couching that involves dietary and lifestyle changes.